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Marble and stone columns

Are you passionate about antiques and want to recreate the same setting of the past even in the environment in which you work or live? You just have to take a look at our marble or stone columns to relive historical atmospheres that you did not imagine possible.

In fact, at our headquarters you can find marble or stone columns ready to furnish your antique shops, replace missing columns in sacred places or make your home unique.

The quality and refinement of our marble columns will amaze you and you will be satisfied not only with the final result but also with the creative process behind their realization.
In fact, thanks to Le Pietre Srl, you can choose the shape and the form, sending us a draft of your idea.

Our professional artisans will think about creating it and once ready, we will send the column directly to the address you have provided.

Among the many examples of marble or stone columns you can find the travertine column, the red orobic marble column, the bardiglio marble column and many other types of marble that will strike you at first sight.

  • Column in polished or grooved red orobic marble with a very original capital that recalls Middle Eastern suggestions. They lend themselves very well both as a decorative element and as a vase holder even for houseplants.
  • Pair of fluted columns with Ionic capital in Breccia marble Partridge, polished and very versatile in use; they can act as a support for vases and sculptures or used as table bases, given the height of 74 cm which is the standard size for classic seats. They can also be made in other materials.
  • Fluted columns with polished term channels in Siena yellow marble suitable for any type of interior. They are obviously reproducible in other materials such as white statuary, Portoro, Rosso Verona etc.
  • Twisted column in polished red France marble suitable for interiors and as a support for small sculptures or vases. The theme of the torciglione takes inspiration from Romanesque and Gothic art.The column can also be reproduced in other types of marble.
  • Twisted column in white Statuary marble of Carrara. The twisted shape of the column is inspired by Romanesque and Gothic architecture and will give a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor. It is possible to reproduce it in other materials.
  • Polished column in white Carrara marble for interiors with simple capital called 'Toscano'. This simple and elegant column is suitable as a support for vases but also small sculptures. It is obviously reproducible in many other materials chosen by the customer.
  • Smooth and tapered columns in Verona red marble, with a simple Tuscan capital, suitable for interior decoration. They can be made of different heights, obviously recalculating the diameter and the other measures relating to the base and capital and of different materials, from white Carrara to green green Guatemala and Rosa Portugal.
  • Column in Gray Brown Marble
  • Columns in Bardiglio marble
  • Green column
  • Column in Green Square Marble
  • Red Column Verona Media
  • Travertine column

Custom Mades for Every Need, the Art of Sculpture in Your Hands!!

Le Pietre Srl avails itself of the greatest artisans of Versilia for the realization of unique and unequaled works.
Love and passion for the sculpture of marble and stone distinguishes Le Pietre Srl as a leading company in the Italian artistic tradition.
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