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Fireplaces in Marble or Stone

The elegance of the frieze, the English or acanthus composure combined with the sinuosity of the decorations we made on the marble or stone fireplaces featured in our catalog, make these fireplaces unique.

The marble or stone fireplaces that we offer, in fact, will be a precious decoration for your home.

At our headquarters, in the city of Pietrasanta, you will see the refinement that distinguishes our work done to realize works of this level.

  • Marble Fireplace Frieze art.1. Fireplace in white Carrara marble with hand-carved ornament. The style recalls the French Louis XV fireplaces with very simple and elegant leaves and floral motifs suitable for covering your classic and prefabricated fireplaces. The measures are adaptable on specific customer request.
  • Fireplace in Baroque Marble art.11. Fireplace in yellow Egyptian marble with rich ornament made entirely by hand that recalls the Baroque style emphasizing the curvilinear elements.The ornament consisting of a riot of leaves and flowers intertwined with each other, they cover almost the entire surface of the fireplace making it extremely precious.
  • Art 12 fireplace in real yellow marble with an imposing structure but with a simple and essential line that recalls the fireplaces of the French seventeenth century starting from the central shell.
  • Simple Frieze Fireplace. French-style fireplace, with a simple and elegant central frieze in white marble having the dimensions of 140x110x30, possibly available in different sizes on customer request.
  • Camino Rich Central frieze. French-style fireplace with a beautiful central frieze having sizes 140x110x30 possibly feasible in different sizes on customer request.
  • Caryatids. Fireplace with two lateral female sculptures, representing two classic caryatids and rich floral ornament entirely made by hand in white Carrara marble. The rather large fireplace is suitable for installation in large rooms.
  • Louis XVI fireplace. The present fireplace is in the most sober and most elegant style, the Louis XVI style, where the rigor of simple and clean geometric lines meet with the simple beauty of the shell without any other decoration to distract the eye from this essential subject. marble is Carrara marble but can also be made with other marbles.
  • Shell and Garland Fireplace. Fireplace in white Carrara marble in Louis XVI style revisited and enriched by a garland that surrounds the classic shell of the French style. A simple fireplace but with a graceful decoration that embellishes it and makes it suitable for any environment.
  • Fireplace in Marble Leaf art.5. Fireplace in white Carrara marble with hand-carved ornament that recalls the most refined French style in its simplicity. For this reason it is easy to insert in different environments, both refined and simple. The measures are adaptable according to customer needs.
  • Fireplace in Acanto Marble art.7. Fireplace in white Carrara marble with hand-carved ornament. The single central acanthus leaf that adorns the front, gives a touch of elegance and simplicity to the fireplace embellished also by simple lateral friezes. The dimensions of the fireplace are adaptable on customer request.
  • Fireplace in English Marble art.4. Fireplace in white Carrara marble with hand-carved ornament. The fireplace recalls the eighteenth-century English style, very sober, linear and elegant. Also suitable for a home with contemporary furnishings.
  • Fireplace with composite frieze. Fireplace with a French-style structure but with a composite front thanks to the addition of a floral pattern to the classic shell. Dimensions 150x110x30
  • Fireplace in King Yellow Marble art.10. Fireplace in yellow imperial marble with ornament carved entirely by hand. Rich seventeenth-century French-inspired fireplace, with elements that recall nature thanks to the floral weaves and the shell.
  • King's Marble Fireplace art.9. Fireplace in white Carrara marble with hand-made decoration. As the French style requires, the front is arched and decorated with friezes that mix the marine environment with the shell and the terrestrial one with a riot of leaves and flowers. A fireplace with a rich ornamentation suitable both to give a touch of refinement to simple and linear environments and to blend in classic environments. The measures are adaptable on customer request.

Custom Mades for Every Need, the Art of Sculpture in Your Hands!!

Le Pietre Srl avails itself of the greatest artisans of Versilia for the realization of unique and unequaled works.
Love and passion for the sculpture of marble and stone distinguishes Le Pietre Srl as a leading company in the Italian artistic tradition.
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