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Marble objects for the home

Here is a part of our marble objects in which we offer nice gift ideas or useful for decorating your home.

Among all the items on our site and that you can find at our office, those of marble objects are certainly the most delicious, having one of these objects of craftsmanship is certainly a habit that many of you want to satisfy.

Our marble objects are designed both to be used daily and to be exhibited: the chessboard, for example, is made with Italian precious marble and for this reason, besides being a useful object for your free time, it is also a beautiful exhibition object that will make the decor of your home special.

  • Pen holder in polished Portoro marble perfect for professional and non-professional desks.The simple cylindrical shape gives the pen holder line an elegant line by playing down the use of an important and precious marble such as Portoro. It is possible to have them on request in other materials.
  • Bowls 20cm in glossy green marble suitable as an object holder or as a table center or even dried fruit holder. They are a handy and versatile object as the processing has made them very light, they can also be reproduced in other colors on order, from portoro to statuary white to verona red and so on.
  • Salomé marble obelisks and black Belgium profiles available in heights of 30 cm or 40 cm. These simple and classic obelisks can be placed in any environment, modern and classic and act as a decorative complement for the mantels of the fireplaces, wooden desks or even bookcases. The obelisk is a celebratory object of Egyptian origin but much appreciated by the Romans, so much so that it bears a large n
  • Polished and thin Verona red marble plates suitable both for a decorative function and as a centerpiece and possibly as valuable placemats. The material used is Verona red but they can be made in White Carrara, Rosso Francia, Nero Marquina and any other marble on request.
  • Stoppers in assorted, polished and cork marbles to close your bottles of wine or oil in an original and elegant way. Cork is in accordance with the law for food use.
  • Colored alabaster cherries in bunches of three. They are a touch of color to enrich a centerpiece or even to be used as a very simple decoration thanks to the hyperrealism of the composition.
  • Mortars with pestle in polished Portoro black marble with the typical design of the mortars of the ancient pharmacists.The material used greatly enhances its value and makes it a perfect decorative element for your home.
  • Alabaster grapes colored and mounted on a wooden support that reproduces the stalk in a realistic way. The green and yellow color and the transparency of the alabaster berries of Volterra give a touch of further realism to this nice home object.
  • Sphere in yellow Siena marble with base in black portoro marble, smoothly worked. The sphere is a valuable decorative element for your rooms for its simplicity and elegance. The spheres in various diameters can be reproduced in other materials on customer request.
  • Portoro marble sphere smoothed up with Siena yellow support. The marble spheres are very refined decorative elements to embellish any corner of the house and perfect for example on the fireplace mantels. They can be made in many types of marble on customer request.
  • Mortars in white Carrara marble with rough finish and pine wood pestle, therefore suitable for use in the kitchen for your Ligurian pesto or for other sauces that need to be handmade to maintain the original aroma. The standard diameter , calculated from ear to ear is in 4 sizes but larger diameters can be estimated on customer request.
  • White marble bathroom set.
  • Marble obelisks.
  • Assorted fruit in colored and handmade Carrara marble. There are many types of fruit, including dried ones such as walnuts or chestnuts and also some types of vegetables such as mushrooms. Following the customer's request, detailed photos will be sent to facilitate the choice.

Custom Mades for Every Need, the Art of Sculpture in Your Hands!!

Le Pietre Srl avails itself of the greatest artisans of Versilia for the realization of unique and unequaled works.
Love and passion for the sculpture of marble and stone distinguishes Le Pietre Srl as a leading company in the Italian artistic tradition.
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