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Sculptures and Busts

Sculptures and Busts in Marble and Bronze

Presso la nostra sede sono disponibili sculture e busti in marmo o in bronzo ma anche Teste e Tronchi in marmo fatti su misura per le vostre esigenze.

Se siete amanti dell'arte e della cultura classica italiana ed europea in marmo, i nostri scultori e i nostri artisti hanno riprodotto fedelmente le grandi opere classiche rendendo giustizia alla loro bellezza ed eleganza originaria.

Scegliere una delle nostre sculture e busti in marmo significa vivere in stretto contatto con la storia dell'arte italiana che ci ha reso celebri in tutto il mondo e che tuttora mantiene un fascino irresistibile e senza tempo.
Avere Amore e Psiche di Antonio Canova a portata di mano o tante ninfee che vi accompagnano fino al bordo della vostra piscina è un'emozione elitaria, che accresce la magia dei vostri spazi.

Il giardino, la villa, gli spazi esterni e quelli creativi interni, tutto grazie a Le Pietre Srl può essere arredato con classe e gusto per l'arte.

Visitando la nostra sede in Pietrasanta sarete protagonisti di un sogno che vi porterà indietro nel tempo, ripercorrendo la storia e le opere in marmo che hanno realizzato i grandi artisti italiani nei secoli addietro.

  • White Carrara marble sculpture entirely hand-carved, which reproduces a very famous subject known as 'Diana of Versailles' kept in the Louvre museum in Paris. The image of the goddess is in movement, with one hand on the quiver full of arrows and the another holding firmly a deer by the horns. It is a perfect classical sculpture for your garden where it will find a natural location.
  • Pair of left and right rampant lions on a white marble obelisk, ideal to be positioned on the final part of the pillars of gates as a valuable decorative element.
  • Carrara white marble head depicting a woman with hair in the wind with a frowning expression.
  • David's sculpted head of natural size, finely handmade in white Carrara marble. The size of the small sculpture makes it suitable for insertion in any type of indoor environment.
  • Small Statuary marble sculpture entirely hand carved and fine polished. The neoclassical-inspired subject portrays the goddess of love Venus close to falling asleep with her little son Eros at her feet, reluctant. The statue is finely finished by our skilled sculptor and its small size makes it a graceful and easily furnishing item can be placed in any environment.
  • Finely hand-carved statue depicting Spring in white statuary marble. The flower garland that surrounds the young goddess enhances the beauty and value of the sculpture by highlighting the great skill of the sculptor. It is possible to redo it in other dimensions on request.
  • Small sculpture of a pensive and melancholic young woman curled up on herself, in Statuario marble, finely carved by hand. It is a sculpture which, due to its small size, lends itself to being placed on shelves or bookcases in any home. The subject is inspired by modern sculpture both from the figurative point of view and from the point of view of the subject.
  • Polychrome sculpture depicting a Nymph of the Waters seated and in the act of taking water on the bank of a river. The marbles used are statuary white, vented red marble and mottled green. Our sculptures are all handmade by skilled sculptors and in the case of the use of polychrome marble, they are assembled so that they can be safely positioned even in an external environment and exposed climatically without problems. The statue can also be produced with different sizes on customer request.
  • Polychrome sculpture left, Polychrome sculpture depicting a Nymph of the Waters seated and while taking the water by the river.The marble used is statuary white, ventilated red marble and mottled green.Our sculptures are all handmade by skilled sculptors and in the case of the use of polychrome marble, they are assembled so that they can be safely positioned even in an external environment and exposed climatically without problems. The statue can also be produced with different sizes on customer request.
  • Copy of Roman general, probably Julius Caesar, in white marble with long cloak and typical shoes in frontal position.
  • Faithful reproductions of ancient Roman busts in precious, polychrome or monochrome marbles, perfect for giving your homes a touch of classicism.
  • White marble copy of Saint Joseph holding Jesus in his arms and crouched on his shoulder. The saint is thus portrayed in a moment of paternal tenderness which well represents the symbolism with which he is invested.
  • Statue inspired by the Venus Italica del Canova in statuary marble type h 180 cm. The value of this sculpture, entirely hand-sculpted, lies in the finesse of the details such as the folds of the dress with which it tries to cover itself, almost surprised as it plunges into the waters of a stream, and in the very refined hairstyle. The finesse of the features of the face of this Venus enhances its beauty. The statue in question can be reproduced in different sizes on request.
  • Copy of Roman general or emperor, probably Marcus Aurelius, in the act of giving a speech and holding a papyrus scroll in his left hand.
  • Copy of Roman general in white marble taken from the act of giving orders to the troops.
  • Venus of the Pomo, and in the Greek mythology also called of the Discordia, as not invited to the wedding of Peleo, threw the apple with written
  • Statue of a woman in the act of removing her statuary white marble and mottled green marble dress. The subject of the statue is contemporary and carried out with the essential lines typical of modern sculpture. The color of the marble of the garment, so finely finished as to give the sensation of lightness, can be replaced by other colored marbles on request.
  • Small sculpture in antique patinated white Carrara marble, depicting a Centaur. The Centaur is one of the half-human and half-horse double figures of Greek mythology, depicting wisdom and balance in the human part and the brutal and violent side in the animal part represented as hunters. The sculpture is made entirely by hand and then antiqued.
  • They are the goddesses of happiness, grace and nature. Hand carved from a single block of white marble.
  • Figure of divinity of the Night with cherub, subject of the French Baroque sculpture in statuary marble. The statue entirely carved by hand is finished with attention to detail, from the veil of the Night that falls relentlessly, to the child who is late in falling asleep, at the foot of the statue. It is possible to perform it with different measurements
  • The Four Seasons, carved in white marble, symbolize the passage of time from one season to another; wood for winter, roses for spring, wheat for summer and grapes for autumn, a sculpture classic.
  • Bas-relief Cupid and Psyche: bas-relief in white marble depicting Cupid and Psyche. Dimensions 30x80
  • The lions are part of the funeral monument of Clement XIII, in the Basilica of San Pietro in Vatican. Carved by hand in marble.
  • Statue depicting young woman bathing in a stream. The subject is inspired by a very common theme in neoclassical art, as well as the refinement of detail in the folds of clothes and in the refined hairstyle. The statue is entirely hand carved in white Statuario marble and it is possible to reproportion it at the customer's request, after the execution of a terracotta model.
  • White marble sculpture 180cm high, entirely hand carved. The subject depicts Venus holding a pearl in her right hand, a marine treasure par excellence. The sculpture can be reproduced with measurements provided by the customer.
  • Pair of Lions in Marble with Shield. To be placed at the entrance of villas, gardens, stairways. You can carve your house symbol on the shield.
  • Flora marble sculptures. Life-size white statuary type statue depicting a nymph of flowers and spring. The statue is masterfully finished and carved entirely by hand down to the smallest details that highlight the skill of the sculptor. It is also possible to reproduce it with different sizes on customer request.
  • Head carved in white Carrara antique patinated marble depicting Ulysses. The head sculpted entirely by hand acquires value thanks to the great attention to detail such as a beard and richly curled hair and intense facial expression.
  • Hand carved lion head in Carrara white marble and antique patina. Upon request we can make a small hole inside the mouth so that it can be used as an ornament of a wall fountain and to let the water out easily by placing a tube. It is also possible to reproduce it in sizes requested by the customer himself and in other materials such as travertine.
  • Greek bas-relief: precious bas-relief in white marble representing a god playing the zither (probably Apollo) and the girls who accompany him or who dance. Dimensions approximately 80 x 40
  • Sculpture depicting Cupid and Psyche in one of Canova's most famous interpretations. Made entirely by hand in Carrara marble with one-piece wings, that is, not shown and with a very accurate and rigorously hand finished. It is possible to make it in different sizes on customer request.
  • Statuary white marble head sculpture inspired by the famous work of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the David. Entirely hand-sculpted to a lesser extent than the original, it makes this small object affordable for everyone, also in terms of space.
  • Small male torso in white Carrara marble, patinated and carved entirely by hand, depicting a young man in a resting position. The patination and the subject without limbs, give a touch of ancient and classic to your furniture. It is possible to reproduce it in other dimensions on request.
  • Life-size sculpture inspired by a subject very dear to Canova and attributable to Greek mythology, that is, the very young Ebe who in Greek mythology is the divinity of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera and cup of the gods. The young man is depicted in the typical act to offer the cup of ambrosia, a drink destined exclusively for the immortals of the Olympians. The sculpture performed strictly by hand is in statuary marble.
  • Athena, depiction of Athena, goddess of Wisdom and War for just cause.The statue can like the others, be reproduced in different sizes, after a disposable model, and with different patinas. Here we have the classic bronze color as it is not antiqued.
  • Statue of warrior with javelin, a free interpretation of a warrior with helmet taken in the act of throwing a javelin or a spear and which depicts almost more an athletic than martial gesture.
  • Poseidon: copy of the famous statue known as Cronide di Capo Artemisio, found on the seabed in present-day Euboea. The original preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is one of the few original bronze works of the time. Our copy, if desired, can be supplied with a trident, always in bronze.
  • Fontana del Porcellino: copy of the famous fountain, so called although it depicts a wild boar, located in Florence at the new market and which for years has become an obligatory stop for tourists because it is said to bring good luck. The fountain is recycled and has a white marble base.
  • Girl reading, contemporary representation of a young woman intent on reading a book in an ideal meadow.

Custom Mades for Every Need, the Art of Sculpture in Your Hands!!

Le Pietre Srl avails itself of the greatest artisans of Versilia for the realization of unique and unequaled works.
Love and passion for the sculpture of marble and stone distinguishes Le Pietre Srl as a leading company in the Italian artistic tradition.
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