Marble and Stone Columns

Marble and Stone Columns

The classic par excellence, in Tuscan style, Ionic, Doric, Corinthian and Composite, both for interiors and exteriors.

Sculptures and Busts
Sculptures and Busts

Marble comes to life! Sculptures, busts and torsos entirely handmade, monochromatic or polychromatic. Reproduction of any subject.

Fireplaces in Marble and Stone
Fireplaces in Marble and Stone

Reproduction of ancient marble and stone fireplaces, in different styles: Louis XV and XVI, English and modern, entirely handmade.

Obelisks in Marble
Obelisks in Marble

From the ancient Egyptians from Rome to Paris and London, to the present day. An ancient funerary symbol that becomes a classy piece of furniture, produced with the finest marbles.

Holy Art

Holy Art

Productions of sacred effigies in Marble and Bronze. Angels, Madonnas and Saints to honor the memory of our dead.

Vases and planters

Vases and planters

Vases and planters in marble and stone, of any type and size, hand-carved or simple and linear.

Inlaid tables
Inlaid tables

Marble tables inlaid with the ancient Florentine technique, embellished with precious and semiprecious stones.

Table bases
Table bases

Creation of table bases in marble, stone and travertine, from classic to modern for interiors and exteriors.

Household Items
Household Items

The piece of furniture for the home and for the bathroom. A welcome present for every occasion or important occasion, in classic or design styles.

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You Choose

You have the possibility to explain your idea or to choose among our proposals during a synergistic dialogue

We Realize

At the end of the choice we will start to its realization taking care to show you the working status of your product

And We Delivery

Once the work is completed we will take care of your shipment with the most suitable means

Custom Mades for Every Need,
the Art of Sculpture in Your Hands!!

Le Pietre Srl avails itself of the greatest artisans of Versilia for the realization of unique and unequaled works.
Love and passion for the sculpture of marble and stone distinguishes Le Pietre Srl as a leading company in the Italian artistic tradition.


Vasi e Fioriere in Marmo e Pietra

Vases and Planters
in Marble and Stone

Visiting our headquarters, in the historic city of Pietrasanta, you will realize how wonderful it can be to surround yourself with artisanal marble or stone vases.

Sculptures and Busts
in Marble and Bronze

We have available marble or bronze sculptures and busts but also marble heads and trunks tailored to your needs.

Sacred Art and Effigies
in Marble and Bronze

Le Pietre Srl is an important reference point for the work and sculptures of sacred marble art.

Hand Inlaid
Marble Tables

There are many words to describe the beauty of the inlaid marble tables that we offer to our customers and some of these are certainly harmony ...

Bases for Table in
Marble and Travertine

Our series of marble table bases is very wide and in addition to the color you can choose the shape that is best suited to support your top whether it is in marble or crystal.

Marble Obelisks
of Various Shapes

Passed down to us by the ancient Egyptians, the obelisk in its various shapes, marbles and sizes, represents the piece of furniture par excellence.

Fireplaces in
Marble or Stone

Visiting our headquarters, in the historic city of Pietrasanta, you will realize how wonderful it can be to surround yourself with handcrafted marble or stone vases.

Columns in
Marble and Stone

Are you passionate about antiques and want to recreate the same setting of the past even in the environment in which you work or in which you live?


Be bold in your decorating decisions with our marble tile mosaics. Delicate blues, earthy tans and clean grays ...

Marble Objects
for the Home

Our marble objects are designed both to be used daily and to be exhibited ...


Objects customized by the client for the client

Flexibility and personalization are the first concepts followed by Le Pietre Srl.
We make the project of your desires based on just a picture you provide.
Excellent value for money.
We are able to supply high quality products while maintaining a competitive price.
Time of realization contained.
Thanks to the presence of multiple professionals we guarantee the customer short realization times.
Shipments all over the world.
We work with several couriers and we are able to get you our products everywhere.







“Grazie per il lavoro splendidamente realizzato per la mia famiglia. I bellissimi animali intarsiati tutt'intorno al tavolo e i ricchissimi dettagli dell'esecuzione sono veramente di pregio. Complimenti vivissimi, e contianuate cosí; da voi si trova la qualità italiana.”

Ing. Chiesi

abry 6565

“Una magnifica realtà nel campo della lavorazione del marmo”

Convento di San Josè de Avila

“Ringraziano lo scultore Abramo per la magnifica statua della Vergine del Carmelo scolpita da questo grande artista.”

La madre priora Julia e le sorelle di clausura
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The passion we put into our work, the accu- rate of details, the choice of materials, Marble, Stone, Onici, everything must be taken care of from the beginning, before each product takes shape and life, only in this way we are sure to Le Pietre srl that to give you what you want, because satisfying our customers is our first priority.
Le Pietre srl follows every processing phase, from design to delivery, and always alongside our customers.
Their satisfaction, our satisfaction.
The objective of Le Pietre srl is to be able to realize any object proposed to us, thanks to the close collaboration with our craftsmen with whom we work side by side, Le Pietre srl creates from the fireplace to the column, from the vase to the inlaid table, sculptures of any shape and size.
Our flexibility is called Artisan work still performed by hand with the passion and tradition of our ancestors, that no machine will ever replace.
Le Pietre Srl, creates unique pieces because it is the customer who chooses and decides, because each work has its own uniqueness, because each customer must feel his work and therefore unique, as all our customers of Le Pietre Srl are for us works unique, of which we are grateful for the trust placed in us to take shape of their dreams.

Le Pietre Srl is







In the heart of Versilia, in the historic city of Pietrasanta, the artistic workshop of Le Pietre Srl is born, specialized in working marble and stone of any kind



The passion we put into our marble or stone products is the key to creating sculptures, columns, fireplaces, sinks, objects for interior and exterior furnishings that are perfect for any context.

Thanks to the skill and professionalism of our craftsmen in marble processing, we are able to create real works of art, starting from the ideas of our customers. The result will be to have the maximum personalization of objects and furnishing accessories made with original Italian marbles.

Come and visit our office to check our passion for our work and for marble processing: you will notice how our products are able to stand out in terms of quality and elegance. Alternatively, you can always visit our website where you will find an updated catalog for each type of marble or stone production.

From vases to sinks, from columns to fireplaces, from works of sacred art to bas-reliefs up to the objects in marble or stone: we at Le Pietre srl succeed in making our specialization in marbles processing a unique and complete creative process.
Le Pietre Srl

Via Aurelia Nord, 78
C/O Favret
55045 Pietrasanta (LU) - Italia
P.Iva 01580890463
REA LU-151971
C.S. 10.400,00€

We receive by appointment only
Le Pietre Srl is Art
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